How Often Should I Get Fire Risk Assessment Done?

When it comes to the safety of the people, so much so, where the lives of the people are at stake, the question becomes irrelevant whether the fire risk assessment should be done and how often. Firstly, carrying out and performing fire risk assessment is integral part of your business as much as it as to run your business, it is mentioned in the fire ordinance, hence, it becomes vital and a legal requirement. Getting it done only when building’s structure was newly erect just so you can get the building completion certificate is not enough.  

Although the law does not specify how often should you be getting fire risk assessment in Brisbane performed, but however, it does mention it should be done at regular intervals by a responsible person in order to keep it up to date. Since the law mentions the frequency of fire risk assessment as “regular” it obviously is interpreted differently by people, and often times, they use it to their own convenience and advantage, which also now depends what work is taking place inside the building structure and what is the size of the property as well. Often times, people let it go thinking it is a small structure and only inhabits 15-20 people so they won’t be needing a fire risk assessment, or even a fire safety training. For more information, please log on to 

However, further to periodically updating the risk assessment, there are other valid reasons which calls for another review of fire risk assessment and these are the reasons why you should never compromise on getting a fire risk assessment done:  

  1. AnyChanges Are Made To The Building If any alterations and changes are made, be it both internal and external changes, such as entry and exist points have been changed, the pedestrian routes have been redirected, the doors now open with access card control system etc. such updates and alterations should not be taken lightly, as under an emergency, these will act as an hindrance and confuse people who were trained as per prior to any alterations. 
  1. TheEmployee Force Is Quite Young If your work force mostly consists of young people, then you shouldn’t be at all compromising and should get a fire risk assessment done, as they are deemed as most vulnerable. For example, if you are running a school, it becomes of an utmost importance to regularly carry out fire risk assessments and trainings. 
  1. Hazardous Substance If your building has been storing hazardous substances which are extremely vulnerable and at high risk if any such incident takes place where fire breaks out, then your people should be trained how to handle such situation. Furthermore, the fire risk assessment with respect to the safety then should be done often. For example, if it is a school and there is a science lab with chemicals, then this is a vulnerable space to such incidents. An introduction of a new substance should be reviewed.  
  1. IfA Fire Related Incident Takes Place If a fire related incidents has taken place, it means, your safety was compromised, the risk assessment was not done either properly or hasn’t been done in a long time. In either case, this should be taken care of.  fire-help